How to use Microsoft OneDrive (for students)


What is OneDrive?

OneDrive is your personal file storage in the "cloud" (part of Office 365).  It allows you to store files and access them from virtually any device with internet access.

How do I access OneDrive?

The first thing you need to do is login to your e-mail.  You can do this by going to the Ridgewater College website and click on the link at the top to bring you to the student portal.  Then click the E-mail link on the right side of the page.

Type your (i.e. username and starid password, then click Sign In.

Once you are logged in, a menu of blue tiles will appear.  Click the OneDrive tile. 

  pic 1.png


How do I upload documents to OneDrive?

Once you have accessed your OneDrive, click on Upload on the "Documents" page. You can also drag your file and place it in the "Drop your first file here".

 pic 2.png

The "Choose File to Upload" window will appear.  Select the drive where your files currently are located.  For example, if you are transferring files from your USB drive, select your USB Drive (E:) from the left column under "This PC".

Click to highlight and select the files located on the right side of the screen that you wish to upload.

Once you have highlighted and selected your file(s) to upload, click the Open button.  The upload process will begin.   

 pic 3.jpg


HELPFUL HINT:  To upload multiple files, hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and click with your mouse to select multiple files at the same time. 

Pic 4.jpg
The amount of time the upload will take depends on how many files you have, how large the files are, and the speed of internet connection you are using. 


How do I create new documents directly within OneDrive?

You can use Microsoft Office Web Applications directly from within OneDrive. 


Select New from the OneDrive "Documents" page.

Select the document type you wish to create, such as a Word, Excel or PowerPoint document. 

 Pic 5.jpg

The application you selected will open and you may start creating your new document. 

Pic 6.jpg 

How do I save files to OneDrive using a locally-installed version of Microsoft Office on my computer?

You can connect your local Microsoft Office applications to your OneDrive.  This will allow you to create documents using a locally installed, full version of Microsoft Office, and save them to your OneDrive cloud storage space.

To begin, open one of the Microsoft Office software applications installed on your computer, such as Microsoft Word.  In the upper right hand corner, click to select the Sign in link. 
Pic 7.jpg

At the "Sign In" window, enter your Ridgewater College student email address, using your StarID.  For example, if your StarID is "ab1234cd", enter your email address as:

Then click the blue NEXT button. 

 Pic 8.jpg

You will be prompted with the same login screen you use to access your email account.  Login using your StarID and password.

Click on Sign In
 Pic 9.jpg

You will return to Microsoft Word (or the application you opened earlier), which will now indicate that you are signed in to OneDrive (upper right-hand corner). 

Pic 10.jpg

Type in your Word document and when ready to save your document to OneDrive you can click on File. 

Pic 11.jpg
Click Save As.

In the "Save As" screen, and click on either Add a Place and/or OneDrive – MNSCU (from the left side of the screen).  

 Pic 12.png

Select the folder or location on your OneDrive that you want to save the file.
 Then choose OneDrive (from the right side of the screen). 

Pic 13.png 
In the "Save As" pop-up screen, give your file a name in the File Name box

Now click on SAVE

Pic 14.jpg 

How do I share my OneDrive files with others?

You can use OneDrive to share photos, Microsoft Office documents, other files, and entire folders with people. The files and folders you store in OneDrive are private until you decide to share them and you can stop sharing at any time. 

Start by logging into your Ridgewater College student email. 

From the College website, select Student Portal, then Email

Once you are logged in, Click the OneDrive tile. 

Pic 15.png 


Place a checkmark next to the file or folder you want to share. Note that you may only select one file or folder at a time (you cannot select and share multiple files – they must be shared individually). 

Click on Share

Pic 16.jpg       

In the designated field, enter the name (last name first) or email address of the user you want to share with. Select the user from the list that appears. 

Click on Anyone with this link can edit the item.  

Pic 17.png

Choose all your necessary privacy settings you wish to have applied. 

Click Apply.  

 Link Settings.png

Enter text for the message the user will receive in a notification email message. 

Click Share.  

The user will receive an email regarding the shared folder. In addition, you will receive an email notification message when a file is shared with you. 

How do I attach files from OneDrive to an email message?

You can send a file as an attachment or as a link using OneDrive (Office 365).

Start by logging into your Ridgewater College student email.  From the College website, select Student Portal, then Email Login

Once you are logged in, click on the Mail tile. 

 pic 1.png

At the top of the screen click on "New dropdown arrow".

Then click on Email message.  
      Email Message.jpg


You should now see empty email text fields. Go ahead and fill out the necessary contact information needed to successfully send your file. 

When you have your information complete, you can click on the Paperclip icon labeled "Attach".


In the left pane you should see an OneDrive file directory and your computer's file directory. Your OneDrive files will be displayed to the right.
Check off the files you would like to be sent.

Now click on Next.   

 Send files.png


You have the option to "Attach as an OneDrive file" which allows people to alter the original document and others are able to see the changes and work together in real-time or you can choose "Attach as a copy" which is the standard basic emailing attachment option where you just send out a copy of the document to the recipients.  Send attachment.jpg    

When you have chosen your option go ahead and fill out "Add a subject".

You can "Add a message field".

Now click on Send.


How do I upload files from my OneDrive into D2L Brightspace?

You must download files locally from your OneDrive (in Office 365) to your device, then upload them into D2L Brightspace.  You cannot upload directly from OneDrive to D2L Brightspace.

Start by logging into your Ridgewater College student email.  From the College website, select Student Portal, then Email. You will need to log into the "Minnesota state 365 page" using your StarID credentials.

Click on Sign In.

Once you are logged in, Click the OneDrive tile.
 One Drive.jpg                  

Once you have OneDrive open and available, open a new tab or browser window and login to D2L Brightspace. From the Ridgewater College website, click the D2L Brightspace in Student Portal,  

Log into Brightspace using your "StarID" and "Password" credentials.  

Click on Login.        


Once you have accessed your course, you can click on Assignments found under "ASSESSMENTS".
Click on the "Assignment folder" you wish to upload your file to.  

Click on Add a File.  


Click on Upload

Then click on Add.


In the left pane, be sure "OneDrive – MNSCU" is selected and then select the file you wish to upload.  

Click on Open.

Click on Submit.


Click on Done. You will also see your "Confirmation Email Sent Successfully"