​Copier/Printing Information

We have copiers in many areas on both campuses.  You can use the copiers to scan, print and email documents.  

  • Copying -
    • Enter your copy code for the Department ID.  (If you don't know your copy code contact Teren Novotny x 5639.)
    • Leave the Pin blank.
    • Logoff when you are done.
  • Printing -
    • The copiers are setup to use secure print.  That way the documents won't start printing until you are there to retrieve it.  If you don't pick up your document in a set number of hours it will be gone and you will need to print it again.  Some areas have requested a longer time to let their documents remain than others so the time will vary.  If your area would like the time lengthened or shortened let Stacie know at ext. 5738.  Here is a link to a document that will help you setup a pin and department id on your computer so you will not have to enter it every time you print.  Setting Department ID and Pin
  • Scanning -
    • If you want to scan a document you have multiple options to scan and store your document.  You can email it, save it to multiple network locations or save it to a flash drive.  If you pick a network location it will ask for your username and password.  This username and password is the same one you would use when you login to your computer or your email.  After you have picked your location to save the document you can also pick the format you want to scan to and the format you want your final document in.  If you need help with this contact Stacie at ext. 5738. 


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