Data Handling standards

 Minnesota State Colleges and Universities require electronic media used to store data be handled in specific ways with regards to transfer of the media and destruction of the media when no longer used.

In brief, the Minnesota State requirement is that for computers that are transferred from one person to another person or entity, inside or outside of the Minnesota State system, specific hard drive scrubbing procedures must be completed. This is intended to eliminate all traces of data and to ensure compliance with all polices and statutes. Local technology support staff is aware of and are required to fully comply with this requirement in moving computers. This requirement applies regardless of who is moving the computer, what brand of computer is involved, or what the computer was previously used for. See your technical support person or contact the Helpdesk at ext. 8777 for assistance in complying with this requirement.


Minnesota State requires that all media such as floppy disks, backup tapes, CD-ROM disks, DVD disks, and ZIP disks must not be transferred to a second user. Such media must be destroyed. The Minnesota State media list may not be exhaustive or all-inclusive. Ridgewater College understands the Minnesota State list to include all portable media containing data, even if the list does not mention all media technologies. While the Minnesota State requirement speaks to media containing data, media containing licensed software that is no longer used should also be destroyed. Locally, this requirement is met by providing notice of this requirement and by providing a location to drop-off media to be destroyed. You can drop off media to be destroyed at the IT offices on each campus. In Willmar please drop off the media with one of the IT staff in the room L110. In Hutchinson please drop off media at the IT office room 128.

Minnesota State Data Sanitization Guidelines 

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