Setting up E-mail on Mobile Phones or a Home Computer

Every cellphone is a little bit different, but here are some general setup options.

  1. In your E-mail App or Accounts Settings choose Microsoft Exchange or Corporate E-mail
  2. Enter your E-mail Address in the appropriate box
  3. Enter your Password in the appropriate box. This the same password that is set for your Star ID. *Most phones (like the iPhone) will often auto-detect the rest of information from here, if not see the rest of the instructions.
  4. If a Username is required,
    Staff: enter your "Your StarID"@minnstate.edu
    Students: enter in your "Your StarID"@go.minnstate.edu
  5. If a Server is required: outlook.office365.com
  6. Enable SSL if asked.
  7. If these steps don't appear to work, shut down the device and restart it.

If you need further help setting up your account, there is more information at the link below.

You may also contact the Help Desk at 320-234-8777 for additional help.

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