Right Fax Instructions

How to send a fax from your email (staff and faculty only)

If you have a document you need to fax that is in an electronic format you can the fax from your desktop by following these steps:
1.       In Outlook, create a new e-mail and address the e-mail to the fax number at fax.ridgewater.edu.  For example, if you want to send a fax to 800-555-1212, send the fax to 8005551212@fax.ridgewater.edu .  The number can be entered as a seven digit number for local Willmar or Hutch phone numbers, but a 10 digit number will work as well.
2.       The system will automatically add a cover page.  Whatever you put in the subject line on the e-mail will also appear on the cover page of your fax.  If you wish to specify the name of the person that you are sending the fax to, you can enter the name followed by a space before the address.  (i.e.  “Bob Smith 555-1212@fax.ridgewater.edu”). 
3.       Anything that is typed into the body of your e-mail will appear on a second page.  You can simply type your message that you wish to be faxed into the body of the e-mail, or you can attach a document discussed in the next step. 
·         Please note that if you have an automatic signature on your e-mails, it will be sent as the second page of the fax unless you delete all content in the body of the e-mail.
·         Faxing with white paper is recommended.  Some color paper may cause problems.
4.       You can attach standard documents to your e-mail to be included in your fax.  Simply attach the document (or multiple documents) and it / they will be sent as additional pages to your fax.
5.       After the fax is sent successfully you will receive an email telling you it was successful.  You will also receive a fax if there is a problem sending

How to send a fax from a copier

If you have a document you need to fax that is in paper format (or in a format that cannot be attached to an e-mail such as a web page that you printed) you can the fax from the copier by following these steps.
1.        You can fax directly by scanning the document to a new e-mail address formatted as number@fax.ridgewater.edu (i.e. 8005551212@fax.ridgewater.edu).  However, you will not receive any updates if the fax is successful or not if you use this method.  Note that this could be used for a user that does not have an e-mail registered at the college or a student that needs to fax as this faxing system will not work from the go.ridgewater.edu e-mail accounts.
2.       PREFFERRED METHOD: Scan the document to your e-mail address from the copier, and then forward the e-mail per the “How to send a fax from your e-mail” instructions above.

Receiving a fax

1.       If you are simply receiving a fax from a recipient of faxes for a specific number, you will receive a forwarded e-mail with the fax that will contain a document in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format that you can open and read.  Please print only if absolutely necessary as we are trying to cut costs and reduce paper use on campus.
2.       If you are a designated person to faxes from a specific fax number, a member of the IT department will setup a folder for faxes in your Outlook as well as a rule to direct all incoming faxes to that folder.  When you see that there is a new e-mail in that folder, you will need to review the e-mail and then forward it to the appropriate recipient.  The incoming faxes will come from “RightFax E-mail Gateway” with the subject line starting with “A fax has arrived from remote ID……”  Please note that this folder may be shared with a backup person in your department in case you are out when a fax arrives.
3.       If you are a backup person to receive faxes for a specific number, a member of the IT department will grant you access to the fax folder of the primary recipient of faxes for that specific number.  You will then see a fax folder listed under the name of the primary recipient in your Outlook at the bottom of your folder tree.

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