ITV & Video Conference Rooms

Ridgewater College boasts eight fully equipped interactive television classrooms and six video enabled conference rooms. Ridgewater’s distance learning technology allows students to take part in educational experiences across the state. The videoconference systems main objective is to enhance Ridgewater’s academic programs. However, it is also used for meetings and events other than classes to support Ridgewater’s administrative needs.
Instructors or staff wishing to utilize the college’s video conference rooms can schedule their meetings with Jennifer Doering or Lisa Setrum. Detailed video conferencing instructions are available in printed form in the rooms as well as on this webpage. Technical questions may be directed to the Ridgewater Helpdesk.
Jennifer Doering – ext. 7608
Lisa Setrum – ext. 7607
Ridgewater Helpdesk – ext. 7489

CMDLN Helpdesk - 320.308.1515
SHOT Helpdesk - 507.537.6984


Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.