​Ridgewater IP Telephone System

Ridgewater's phone system allows employees to call on the opposite campus by dialing their
4 digit extension. We are also able to dial a large area without dialing 1 for a long distance call.
This list shows the areas we can dial.

Most Ridgewater employees have either a 7912 or a 7961 phone.
Below is information on each model.

7912 Instruction Sheet

7961 Instruction Sheet

Voicemail -  Your voicemail is accessed through your email.  Here are some instructions. 

Accessing Voicemail from Off Campus - To access your voicemail from off campus

dial 320-234-8799. 

Resetting Phones

If your phone isn't functioning properly, try resetting it by following the steps below.

7912 Phone

  1. Press **#**
  2. Press the key to answer yes to reboot your phone
  3. You will see your screen changing.

7961 Phone

  1. Press the settings key
  2. Press **#**
  3. You will see your screen changing.

If you still experience phone problems email or call Stacie Laughlin at 5738 or follow the directions for requesting help. Requesting help

Classroom Phones - We have phone in classrooms so we can enhance the ability to broadcast messages such as emergency broadcasts, weather alerts, and closures through the phone system. Please do not disconnect any of these phones.

Extension Mobility - Some employees share a phone. With these phone there is the ability to use extension mobility to change the phone to your extension. Complete instructions are included in your phone guide. Here is a link to an online demo. Online demo

User Preferences (setting up speed dial numbers) -

Use this website to add speed dials and change some settings on your phone. If you don't know your username or password, talk to Stacie. https://cucmpub.shot.smsu.edu/ucmuser/

Meet-me Conference - Meet-Me conferencing is an easy way to have a phone meeting with people on or off campus.   In order to use the Meet-Me feature, go off-hook and press the Meet-Me button from your phone. Press the More softkey once in order to reach this Meet-Me. After you press the Meet-Me button, dial the conference number that you want to join. Everyone who dials the same Meet-Me number joins the conference together.  There are two Meet-Me numbers for on campus conferencing, 1188 and 1189.  If you have someone from off campus you want to meet with use x 8765 to setup the call.  Anyone calling from off campus needs to dial 320.234.8765. 

Transferring a Call Directly to Voicemail without Ringing the Phone - To transfer a call directly to voicemail press the transfer button and then dial a * and the 10 digit phone number.


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