Star ID & Student E-mail 
Self-Help Options

1. I haven't activated my Star ID or I don't know what my Star ID is, how can I access my e-mail?
If you haven't yet to activate your Star ID, you will need to go to https://starid.minnstate.edu and activate your Star ID.
If you have activated your Star ID, but do not remember what it is, or what the password is, go to https://starid.minnstate.edu and use the self help options to recover your Star ID or reset your Star ID password.
2. What is my username and password for E-mail?
Valid username and password for student e-mail is:
        UN:  StarID@go.minnstate.edu
        PW:  StarID Password
3. My Star ID and Password don't seem to be working when I try to logon to e-mail, what should I do?
Go to https://Starid.minnstate.edu and change your Star ID password. This will force a new password Synchronization with Ridgewater's network and should allow you to logon.  Your starid password will expire every 180 days.  You should receive a notice when it will be getting close to expiring.  Please don't ignore those notices.
StarID Password Reset Instructions: (click here)
In some instances your web browser may have add-ons, plug-ins, or extensions that are interfering with the logon process. The simplest solution may be to try a different web browser if you have one installed, however it may be necessary to perform a browser reset and/or disable or remove unused add-ons, plug-ins, or extensions. The instructions to reset and manage add-ons, plug-ins, or extensions for the most common browsers are listed below as are the links to download and install an alternate browser.

4. How long will my E-mail remain available after I leave Ridgewater College?
About 120 days

5. How do I set up e-mail on my mobile phone?
Every cellphone is a little bit different, but general e-mail setup options are available.

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