Career Counseling
It is a fact, students who have a career or program goal that is well thought out are more successful at college. Counselors at Ridgewater are trained to assist students with this important decision. Students can work individually with a counselor to take a career assessment and to set up career exploration activities. Students can even start this process on their own by checking out career planning websites and looking at materials in our career center.
Talk with a Counselor
Ridgewater counselors will help you explore your interests, skills, values, etc., that relate to a career decision. They will introduce various ways to assess yourself in these areas and they will help you learn about the world of work in general and about specific careers. Ridgewater counselors will suggest a plan to follow to make your decision and will guide you along the way.
Sign Up to Do Career Testing
Schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss different career assessments you can take. Your counselor will suggest appropriate assessments and provide an introduction to the test. After you test has been scored, your counselor will meet with you to discuss the results and suggest follow up activities.
Both campuses offer the Strong Interest Inventory and the Career Assessment Inventory. The Willmar campus also offers the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. There is a $10.00 charge for each test to cover materials and scoring. Contact the counseling office for details.
Visit Our Career Planning Center
At the career planning center across from the counseling office, you will find career reference books, career books and pamphlets, and our college catalog library. You can research your college transfer plan or read about careers. Feel free to browse on your own or ask for assistance. Sit down at our computers to broaden your career information search through selected websites or online assessments.
Check Out Career Planning Websites
If you want to start your career exploration on your own, check out these career planning sites. We encourage you to follow up with a counselor to discuss what you have learned from these sites about yourself and about careers of interest.
Career Planning Websites

Careers Info Net
Health Care Jobs and Careers
Inside Career Info
Occ Outlook Handbook
Occ Inf. Network (O*Net)
MN Workforce center
MN Careers
Monster Trak
The Career Key

Take a Career Planning Course
You can learn how to make a career decision and have support for doing it by taking a career planning course. Ridgewater College and other colleges offer these courses. Some are online and some on campus.

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.