Check & Connect

​Check & Connect (C&C) is a student engagement intervention model to promote students' engagement with school, reduce dropout, and increase school completion. The Check & Connect model originated from a partnership of researchers, practitioners, parents, and students led by the Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota. The C&C Coach promotes positive outcomes by routinely meeting with students with intellectual disabilities and offering support in a number of ways:

  • Check-in regularly with students to discuss how school, work, social, and home lives are going
  • Monitor student’s attendance, grades, and progress in school
  • Timely interventions to ensure student achievement through graduation
  • Work with teachers, school administrators, and other support staff to help students be successful
  • Problem solve with students when having difficulties with home, social, academic, or vocational lives
  • Assist students in finding outreach services or supports, as needed
  • Provide follow-up and support in the summer months and after graduation
  • Sponsor social events to help students socialize and become integrated in school and community life

Check & Connect uses the principles of universal design for learning, person centered planning, self-determination, and academic and social integration.

For more information about Ridgewater College’s C&C Program, contact Columba Ferdinand at 320-222-6070 or .

​Also, go to for more information and the history behind C&C.

Check and Connect​


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