​ Computer Art & Publishing

Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

Section I- Our club missions are as follows:

  • To provide proper recognition & prestige through a local club.
  • To assist students in establishing realistic career goals.
  • To create an enthusiasm for learning.
  • To develop the ability to plan together, organize, and carry out worth activities & projects through the use of the democratic process.

Club Goals

Section I- Our club goals are as follows:

  • Attend and participate in the Ad Federation Competition in St. Cloud, MN.
  • To provide volunteer services such as the Bloodmobile and Health Fair flyers.
  • Plan an educational class trip touring different companies that provide possible jobs in our field.
  • To serve the community with the best of our graphic design and creative abilities.
  • To create an informational web page and newsletter for our club. 

Performance Objectives

Section I - Our club performance objectives are as follows:

  • Club members will learn better leadership skills by planning fundraising activities and events.
  • Club members will learn to work with clients by volunteering their time to help the community with their graphic design needs. 

  • Program of Work

    Section I - Our club program of work are as follows:

  • To fundraise for our educational class trip, which we would not have the opportunity to do so without participating in the club.
  • To provide volunteer services to other programs in the college as well as the Willmar community.
  • To keep an up-to-date web page featuring our club and all the opportunities within our program.
  • To establish a newsletter informing others on everything our club and program has to offer.

    October 2009

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