Who we are/What we do/who the VTA club is for…

The purposes or objectives of the RWC VTA are as follows:

  • To promote the professional and educational advancement of veterinary technicians.
  • To promote and maintain the professional image and high ethical standards of the veter­inary technician.
  • To promote progressive and humane medical care for all creatures.
  • To promote and maintain a cooperative profes­sional relationship with the veterinary medical profession.
  • To promote an interest in a national association of veterinary technicians.
  • To serve as a contact between members of NAVTA and veterinary technology students.
  • To further the social and scientific advancement of Ridgewater College Veterinary Technology students.

Upcoming Events: 

March 21: Open House
March 30: Visiting Rice Hospital with therapy dogs
April 6: Orientation for incoming students
April 18: Chip 'n' Dip
April 30: Highway Pickup
May 5: Vaccination Clinic in Willmar
May 7: Vaccination Clinic in Litchfield

VT PAS is a sub-division of VTA but still its own entity
This organization focuses on leadership abilities and agriculture

Purpose and Objectives 

The purpose of the RWC-VTPAS is to provide opportunities to develop the skills needed to enter and advance in careers in veterinary medicine and agriculture.
1.       To provide an organization for veterinary technician students for encouragement and development of individualized characteristics necessary for professional and technical growth.
2.       To assist each local program in development of a viable student organization.
3.       To promote cooperation and understanding among the various organizations within veterinary medicine and agricultural related programs.
4.       To develop leadership abilities.
5.       To recognize outstanding qualities of members through the use of organized educational activities.
6.       To promote appropriate relations with industry and their related organizations.
7.       To create enthusiasm for continued self-improvement.
8.       To promote community service activities.
9.       To promote social and recreational activities.
10.    Develop and maintain a productive relationship with the Minnesota PAS and National PAS organizations.


Did you know?...

  • Our clubs are only open to Veterinary Technology Students.  
  • Both of our organizations have state and national affiliations.  
  • Ridgewater College Veterinary Technician Association is a local chapter.   When joining the RWC VTA the students are automatically student members of the Minnesota Association of Veterinary Technicians as well as student members of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America. 
  • Ridgewater College Veterinary Technicians Post Secondary Agricultural Student Chapter is a local chapter, separate from the local Ag Departments PAS chapter.  When joining RWC VTPAS students are automatically student members of the Minnesota PAS organization as well as the National PAS organization. 
  • The VTPAS was the first veterinary technician organization in the country to join PAS back in 2006…something we are proud of!  Now there are several vet. tech PAS groups around the country.


Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.