TRiO Technology Program
TRiO Computer Labs
The TRiO office has computer labs on both the Willmar and Hutchinson campuses available for TRiO participants. The labs are designed to allow student the opportunity to complete assignments in a quiet area that offers less distraction.
Laptop Program
The TRiO laptop program has been designed to assist TRiO participants who are unable to use the Ridgewater College computer labs.
  • TRiO has limited laptops available for program participants.
  • Laptops are issued for a very limited time to participants in good standing with the TRiO program.
  • If a laptop is not available when requested, the student will be placed on a wait list in order of request.
  • Before a laptop is issued, students must sign a Laptop Contract.
  • Student will not be issued equipment if in poor status with the program (failure to return TRiO items, or returned items in poor condition).
Calculator Program
  • TRiO calculators are available for participants whose course requires the use of a graphic calculator.

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