Online Student Orientation​​

​As an online student, here are some links to documents that may be helpful to you as a new student at Ridgewater College.

Electronic Documents (These documents would be given out to each student that attends an on-campus registration day.)

When you are finished reviewing all of the above information, complete the Personal Data Form and the Authorization to Withhold Directory Information Form.

After you submit the Personal Data Form and the Authorization to Withhold Directory Information Form - we will contact you to arrange your advising and registration. Thank you!

Check out our Student Guide​ for additional info on how to succeed as a Ridgewater student!

Additional Resources

How to obtain your Ridgewater Warrior ID card as an online student.

If you are an online student currently taking classes at Ridgewater college and are unable to drive to campus to take your Warrior ID due to distance from campus or your current schedule; please follow these steps to obtain your Warrior student ID.

1. Please submit a photo of yourself by using the following guidelines:
   a. Photo should have a white background
   b. Please make sure the photo is taken or cropped from your shoulders up.
   c. Do not take a photo wearing; a hat, sunglasses or any other item that can ​obstruct the view of your facial features. Corrective eye glasses are completely acceptable.

2. Email that photo as a jpeg image along with your name and tech Id number to; please use “Warrior Card” as the subject line. 

3. Ridgewater Student Life will mail your Warrior Card to you, please contact the Student Life office via email for any further questions. 
Don’t forget to refer to our Warrior Card website for area discounts that are offered with your student ID. . The Warrior ID card is also your Ridgewater library card; free pass to all Ridgewater home sporting events, student life activities, and choir & theatre productions.

Ridgewater Student Life will mail your Ridgewater Warrior Card to you, Please contact the Student Life office for any questions regarding the Warrior ID and this process 320-234-8562.

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.