Concurrent Enrollment
Through Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (CEPs), qualified students can earn college credit prior to high school graduation. It gives you a head start on your college career before you even leave high school. CEPs differ from other pre-college credit programs in that your own high school instructors teach you the college courses during your normal school day, at your own high school. You don't need to come to the Ridgewater College campus to take the class. 

Enrolling into a Course 

To enroll into a course, students must first notify their high school of their intention to take the course.  Names of students interested in taking the course are sent to Ridgewater College.  The Admissions office will send these students details on the PSEO application process as well as Accuplacer testing information.  Students that are accepted into the PSEO program are then registered for the course at both the high school and Ridgewater College. 

Should a student not be accepted into the PSEO program, they will be notified in time to register for a different course at their high school.

The Benefits

There are many benefits of taking Concurrent Enrollment courses while still in high school such as:

  • You earn college credits and high school credits at the same time.
  • Taking concurrent enrollment courses will expose you to college-level course work, college-level processes, college-level academic rigor, and college-level challenges. It'll give you a preview of what lies ahead for you in college.
  • Taking concurrent enrollment courses will enhance the amount, level and diversity of learning in high school--you will go beyond the traditional high school curriculum--all while staying right at your high school.
  • You may reduce the time required to complete a college degree.
  • Taking college-level courses while in high school may help develop your self-confidence, a trait that will serve you well as you move on from high school.
  • You will be lowering the cost for your college education!


Students enrolled into Concurrent Enrollment pay no out of pocket costs.  The cost of tuition and the necessary course materials—such as textbooks—are covered by the participating school district.

The only cost to the student is for personal supplies such as a notebook, pen, folder, etc.

Application Checklist 

The application process is very detailed and has many steps.  Please read this information carefully.  If at any time you have questions, please speak to your high school guidance counselor.

Step 1:  Download, print and fill out the application packet & obtain your transcript

Students are required to fill out the application for admission into the program.  You will also need a copy of your high school transcript.  To obtain a copy, please see your high school guidance counselor.

Step 2:  Talk to your guidance counselor

applying and enrolling into concurrent enrollment courses, we want to make sure that you’re aware of what is involved with this endeavor.  Guidance counselors are required to sign the application and discussing your intentions will make obtaining a signature much easier.  If you have additional questions about the concurrent enrollment program, feel free to speak to Kelley McClure-Mork at 320-222-5210.

Step 3:  Obtain signatures

nce your application is complete, please have it signed by both a parent/guardian and your high school guidance counselor.

Step 4:  Schedule a time to take your placement assessment (those registering for technical courses do not need to take the placement exam).

MnSCU and Ridgewater College require incoming students to take the Accuplacer readiness assessment to assess your current academic skills in reading, English and math.  Students must place into college level course work to be considered for admission into the concurrent enrollment program.  To schedule a time, please call 800-722-1151.

Step 5:  Take the Accuplacer assessment

On the day of your appointment, please bring the following with you:

    1. Completed application packet (are all areas filled in?  signatures?)
    2. Copy of your high school transcript
    3. Photo ID

The testing center will forward your application packet, transcript and test results to our admissions office for consideration.

Step 6:  Notification of admissions decision

Once your packet is reviewed, you will be notified of your admissions decision by US Mail, usually within 3-5 business days.

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.