Online MEPAP Training
for Activity Directors and Activity Assistants

Fall Semester Registration opens April 3

ADR 1500 MEPAP 1 Basic Activity Course
#000919 - 4 credits

ADR 1520 MEPAP 2 Activity Management Course
#000920 - 4 credits

ADR 1410 Agencies & Organizations for Older Adults
#000059 - 2 credits

ADR 1420 Activity Interventions
#000051 - 3 credits

How Do I Register for Classes?

  1. Call Ridgewater College registration office at 1-800-722-1151, ext 8592 to register.
  2. Registration for the MEPAP classes is done by phone only.
  3. Arrange for tuition payment at time of registration
  4. Obtain your student ID number from the registrar upon registering.
  5. Email the instructor with your name, mailing address, phone, and email address so additional information can be sent to you.
  6. Get the required textbooks (information will be provided in an email reply to you).
  7. Review the MEPAP FAQ (link below) and contact the instructor with any questions you might have.
  8. Start thinking about how you will set aside and manage your time and schedule once the class starts.
  9. Make sure you have fast speed internet and a computer that is in good working condition.

Why online MEPAP training at Ridgewater College?

  • Be part of an online learning community of Activity Professionals
  • Collaborate, network, and interact with virtual classmates on coursework, projects and discussion topics
  • Benefit from the structured yet flexible format designed for the working activity professional
  • Trained instructor for online course design and delivery
  • Program does not require you to be online at a set time
  • Instructor is always available to help you with projects, assignments, questions, concerns, and being successful in your classes
  • Get online and be part of a group in building your professional network to help you succeed!
  • Online curriculum meets Quality Matters national standards for quality online instruction.

MEPAP Part 1  Basic Activity Class (4 credits) 

MEPAP Part 2  Activity Management Class  (4 credits)

Questions about taking an online class? 

Check out our "MEPAP FAQ" to learn more about getting started with online classes and frequently asked questions.

NCCAP National Exam Implementation

Effective January 1, 2012, the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals will implement a national exam for all new ADC or ACC certification applicants.  This requirement will not affect those individuals already nationally certified at any level (including ADPC) with NCCAP prior to December 31, 2011. 

Each MEPAP Class (Basic and Management) is a required 4 credits.  Both classes are offered fall and spring semester. 

Questions? Contact:
Julie Reginek
1-800-722-1151 ext 8588

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.