MEPAP Part 1 - Basic Activity Class

Basic Activity Class Description and Outline

This class is designed for individuals working in an activity program and who are seeking certification or training as an Activity Assistant or Activity Director.  The class is divided into four units.  The first unit covers an introduction to activities and aging services. The second unit covers health and social issues of aging. The third unit focuses on care planning and documentation requirements for the activity professional.  The final unit covers activity calendar planning and program delivery.  The class is approved by the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP #25126-16-M2-NT) and meets the education requirements of the modular education program, part one.

Certification as an Activity Director, Track 4, requires completion of the Basic and Management classes (MEPAP Part 1 & 2), CEU's , work experience, additional college credits, and national exam. Please visit NCCAP for certification requirements (

Unit 1 Introduction to Activities and Aging Services

  • Identify agencies and organizations within the continuum of care
  • Identify aging resources
  • Identify professional resources
  • Describe regulatory requirements
  • Identify Resident Rights
  • Identify vulnerable adults, neglect and abuse

Unit 2 Health and Social Issues in Aging

  • Identify physical and cognitive changes in aging
  • Describe sensory changes
  • Identify activity programming for functioning levels
  • Identify infection control and safety issues in activity programs

Unit 3 Activity Care Planning and Documentation

  • Identify state and federal regulatory requirements
  • Explain assessments (MDS and Activity)
  • Describe writing care plans and progress notes procedures
  • Identify documentation procedures

Unit 4 Activity Program Planning and Delivery

  • Identify types of activity programs
  • Determine activity program management skills
  • Identify intervention techniques
  • Plan activity calendar and theme programs
  • Identify activity ideas and resources

Practicum/Internship Requirement

Students currently working in an activity setting will complete a series of practicum assignments.  A student who does not currently work in an activity setting will be required to complete 90 hours of internship experience.  Please contact the instructor to begin arrangement for internship site.


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