Meet Our Alumni



Lisa Carter
Glencoe Health Services

"I loved the fact that the classes where online. This enabled me to continue to work full time while I was going through the program. The class was very easy to follow and understand - and this is from a person who is not computer savvy at all. I would highly recommend this program. It was a great career change for me and I can now say I love my job. 

We have had many students do their internships here with us and have seen students gain great knowledge and understanding of the nursing home and the activity department…. They have the understanding of why we do the things we do in activities, and that there is purpose to what we do instead of it just being fun and games."


Amanda Gruber
Three Links Care Center

"The experience, knowledge, and expertise gained by taking MEPAP enhances not only my job performance, but also the lives of all the residents I have the privilege to work with. I am so impressed by the positive encouragement from the instructor and the resources I gained from the class. Amazing class that will change the way you view activities!"            ​ ​


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