Automation and Robotic Systems Technology

Program Distinctions

  • FLEXIBLE scheduling for part-time or full-time students
  • COMPREHENSIVE PLC and computer exposure
  • SMALL class sizes with EXPERIENCED staff

About the Program

The Automation and Robotic Systems Technology program at Ridgewater brings the modern manufacturing environment into the classroom. Graduates are equipped with the skills needed to enter the advanced manufacturing industry. The program also offers current manufacturing employees an opportunity to update their skills and open up opportunities for promotion to better-paying jobs in their company.

Students will learn about fluid power, mechanical components, electrical control systems, motion control, machine vision, sensors, robotics, predictive maintenance, process controls and the computer-based controller i.e. the Programmable Logic Controller or PLC.  The PLC is the heartbeat and brains of a complex modern machine.  There's no better place to learn about PLCs than at Ridgewater's program with its latest PLC training equipment and experienced instructors.

Computers have become a critical component to the modern manufacturing environment. In addition to the skills mentioned above, you'll develop the computer savvy necessary to be successful in automated technologies, including knowledge of PC hardware, network systems, and basic programming.

If you like computers, mechanical devices, working with people, not doing the same thing day after day, and are up for overcoming new challenges daily, Automation and Robotic Systems Technology may be a great career choice for you.

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.