Computer Programmer​​​

  • FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE for working or commuting students by use of 
  • VARIED CLASS FORMATS include classroom, distance learning and online options;
  • HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE using Raspberry Pis
  • COMPREHENSIVE STUDENT SERVICES providing students with help from enrollment to job placement through Rural Information Technology Alliance
  • ​MOST COURSES RECORDED for convenient viewing online

Students learn to code using traditional hardware and innovative innovative IT tools such as Raspberry Pis.  Students program computers using programming languages including Python, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML.  Students work with modern databases, Internet technologies, operating systems, server technologies, and basic game programming. 

Our flexible delivery methods, including web broadcasting and recording class sessions via WebEx, helps students with scheduling difficulties. We use various distance learning technologies to allow students to take classes from home or work. Most lectures and demonstrations are recorded so students can view them at their convenience for more clarification or review.

From enrollment to job placement Education and Employment Advisors provide students with comprehensive students advising to ensure students reach their full potential.  These services are provided by the Rural Information Technology Alliance through a TAACCCT Grant funded by the Department of Labor.

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