Dairy Management

Program Distinctions 

  • 4 PAID INTERNSHIPS to apply your skills in and gain experience
  • Visit 40-plus dairy farms during the two years
  • Attend WORLD DAIRY EXPO in Wisconsin and WORLD AG EXPO in California
  • NETWORK with dairy professionals through field trips and activities
  • CONNECT with other dairy students and industry reps through Post-secondary Agriculture Students (PAS) club
  • Many top 5 National PAS Dairy Contest HONORS

If you’re seeking a rewarding career in agriculture, consider training for one of many careers in dairy. Are you looking at returning to your home dairy farm as a partner/owner operator? Then, consider the Dairy Management-Owner Operator emphasis. You will receive the tools necessary to manage all aspects of the operation, not just the dairy enterprise.

Students will take courses in:

  • Dairy Cattle Breeding; Reproduction and Artificial Insemination
  • Dairy Cattle Palpation and Ultra-Sounding
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Raising Replacement Heifers
  • DHIA/Computerized Herd Records
  • Dairy Health by an On-staff Veterinarian
  • Dairy Nutrition/Computerized Herd Records
  • Emphasis Areas
  • Dairy Management—Owner Operator
  • Dairy Management—Employed Manager
  • Dairy Management—Agri-business

Dairy Management diploma students do a four-week paid internship each October and May. Dairy Management AAS degree students do a four-week paid internship in May or June between their freshmen and sophomore years. The internships provide the opportunity to apply skills learned in college and to learn new skills that can best be learned on the job.

Balancer Program

  • Milking and Milking Equipment
  • Dairy Housing and Animal Comfort
  • Dairy Profit Profile/Analysis
  • On-Farm Herd Management Labs
  • Farm Business Management (a complete series of courses)
  • Agri-business Management (a complete series of courses)
  • Crop Management (a complete series of elective courses)
  • Agriculture Mechanics (a complete series of elective courses)

The Ridgewater College Ag Department offers many enrichment experiences to expand and broaden your educational pursuits in Dairy Management. They include:

  • PAS (Post-Secondary Agriculture Student Club)
  • Field trips
  • On-farm lab experiences
  • Guest speakers/experts
  • Personalized farm visit with instructors
  • Individual, confidential financial analysis
  • In-depth computer training
  • Selective placement at premium dairies
  • Internships and/or part-time dairy employment

The dairy farmers of the 21st Century must not only manage the dairy operation but also address financial concerns as well as employee matters. Dairy assistant herds-person, artificial inseminator technicians, equipment service technicians, health technicians, and feed technicians are among the most sought-after agricultural professionals today. If you are seeking any of these or the many other exciting dairy careers, consider the Dairy Management Program-Employed Manager or Agri-business emphasis. You will be able to virtually choose your employer upon graduation from our Dairy Management program.

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.