Estheology/Advanced Skin Care for Estheticians Program Distinctions 

• STATE-OF-THE-ART facility on-site, Ridgewater Salon and Day Spa 
• BE PREPARED for licensure by the Minnesota Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists 
• Gain STRONG FOUNDATIONAL SKILLS and advance them when you are ready for the same program you are familiar with at Ridgewater

About the Program

Ridgewater is excited to announce the launch of the new Advanced Estheology certificate! This exciting new opportunity is available to students beginning Spring semester 2013 and builds upon Ridgewater’s successful Estheology program by exposing students to services, treatments, and technologies used in medical esthetics.

Specifically, the Advanced Estheology certificate program will provide students with skills and knowledge in areas such as chemical peel treatment procedures, post-surgery treatments, lasers, acne treatment procedures, and other skills necessary for employment in a medical office.

Because many students eventually work in the medical field under the supervision of a medical doctor, course curriculum will expose learners to medical terminology, and medical instruments, in addition to record-keeping skills.

The 20 credits of the Estheology certificate are comprised of Ridgewater’s base Estheology program.  The student can then move forward to the Advanced Skin Care for Estheticians certificate to which 9 credits of advanced instruction are added.

The base Estheology program curriculum includes pre-clinic classroom instruction, giving students a solid theory-based education, along with the top-of-the-line technical skills needed in today’s industry. Then students gain clinical experience in makeup application in the Ridgewater College Salon and Day Spa.

Included in this program is a paramedical approach to esthetics, including microdermabrasion, in-depth study of acne treatments, alpha hydroxy acid peeling, and the use of custom-blended skin care products/treatments to correct skin conditions.

Additionally, students study facial geometries and focus on highlighting and contouring to enhance client features. They combine color schemes to complement the skin tone and eye color using various products from our new 
mineral cosmetic line.

Upon entering the program, each student is required to purchase a kit containing equipment, implements, textbooks, workbooks, and materials necessary to start 
a career as a professional esthetician. Also required are estheology uniforms available at the Ridgewater College Cosmetology department.

Upon completion of the program, students will have completed all necessary requirements for licensure through the Minnesota Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists and will be ready to seek employment in top-of-the-line salons, day spas, or 
medi-spa environments.

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.