GPS/GIS Technology for Agriculture


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​About the Program

Technology in agriculture has been improving efficiency and productivity for generations. Students in the GPS/GIS Technology program take technology use to a new level by using Global Positioning Systems and Geographic Information Systems in agricultural applications. Graduates will learn how to use these technologies to increase yields while minimizing inputs.

Students gain a broad base of skills and knowledge by covering such topics as:

  • Aerial and satellite imagery
  • Yield correlation maps
  • GPS receivers
  • Application rate maps
  • Field scouting techniques
  • Precision farming
  • Remote sensing and image analysis
  • Electronics troubleshooting

In addition, GPS/GIS Technology students study a variety of general agriculture subjects such as corn and soybean production, agri-business, integrated pest management, and soils and fertility management.

Ridgewater’s agriculture program

The largest 2-year program in Minnesota, and has 8 full-time faculty members to ensure you get the personal attention you need to succeed.

The Agriculture programs offer students opportunities to learn and be involved outside the classroom with a very active PAS organization (Post-secondary Agriculture Students). Highlights include:

  • Largest PAS chapter in the United States (including Veterinary Technology)
  • Dairy Specialist teams have been seven-time national PAS contest winners
  • College Bowl 2nd place at Nationals
  • Large number PAS state officers
  • 2009-2010 National Secretary; 2007-08 State PAS President and State Vice President

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