Marketing & Sales Management Program Distinctions

•INTERACTION WITH BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS through field trips, speakers, required internships and networking
•PARTNERSHIP with Concordia University, St. Paul, for students desiring to progress with a Bachelor of Arts Business degree

About the Program

The Marketing and Sales Management program prepares students for mid-management or management careers in merchandising, retailing, retail sales, sales representation, advertising, wholesaling, customer service occupations and small business management. Marketing students have experiences directly related to the competitive business world. They learn about the global economy and discuss future trends affecting all aspects of business and industry. Students get a realistic view of buying, selling and management issues through classroom discussion, hands-on learning, and workplace internships.

Student classes explore marketing, sales, business communications, business management, human relations, and emerging technologies. Courses emphasize decision-making and interpersonal and communication skills. The college offers a 2+2 program with Southwest Minnesota State University for students interested in pursuing their bachelor’s degree.

Upon successful completion of two semesters, students apply for full-time, eight-week internships. Students are under the direction of a training sponsor in an affiliating business firm.

Marketing and Sales Management students can expect:

  • A well-rounded education
  • Hands-on experiences
  • A state-of-the-art professional sales course in Counselor Selling
  • Leadership development opportunities

Interaction with business professionals through field trips, guest speakers, internships, and networking.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in field trips to firms in the Twin Cities, New York, Chicago, Winnipeg, and other market hubs throughout the U.S. and Canada. Students may attend leadership conferences and participate in state and national career development conferences sponsored by Delta Epsilon Chi (DEX). DEX is the state and international association for program students.

The marketing, management, and sales fields offer dynamic, rapidly growing opportunities for well-trained people in some of the fastest growing, most diversified fields of employment. With at least one out of five employed people engaged in some form of marketing, management, sales or merchandising, the fields provide exceptional employment opportunities.

They also can be among the highest paying occupations. Marketing and Sales Management graduates may find themselves employed as a manager trainee, department manager, store manager, or in service-related businesses. Other opportunities available to graduates include the insurance, real estate, and banking fields.

Graduates often work toward careers such as:

  • Store or hotel/restaurant manager
  • Advertising or retail sales representative
  • Business owner/operator
  • Insurance representative
  • Banking or real estate agent
  • Manufacturing or wholesale sales representative


Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.