Veterinary Technology Animals

Each semester, our department obtains at least 12 dogs and 12 cats from local humane societies and animals shelters. As a USDA regulated educational facility, we are unable to take in any animals from other sources. These animals become part of our program animal family.

Throughout the semester, they receive preventive veterinary care which includes but is not limited to the following: heartworm tests, FeLV/FIV tests, vaccinations, internal and external parasite control, and spaying and neutering. Many of the animals we take in have special, treatable, medical needs that will be managed by our veterinary medical team and students. These animals provide a crucial educational experience for our students.

During each semester, our avian, exotics, and lab animal medicine course turns our department into a real zoo. Guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, rats, birds, reptiles, and more join our program.

When the animals have received all of their preventive veterinary care they are placed up for adoption. If interested in adopting a forever fur-kid for your family, see our available animals at


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