Admission Requirements​​

We want the best and brightest! Ridgewater's Veterinary Technology program is academically rigorous, and it takes a highly motivated individual to succeed. Students must have better than average ability to master a sizeable course load of scientific and medical material in a relatively short time.

A high school diploma or equivalent is necessary for acceptance into Ridgewater College. Admission criteria will require a student to have:​

* 1 year of High School Biology and Chemistry with a C grade or above AND


  • Reading  -  78  or take English 98 and receive a PASS                ​​
  • Math  -  56 on Elementary Algebra portion of test or take Math 97 or Math 99 with a C grade or higher

*Students who have already graduated from High School may complete one semester of approved college level Biology and Chemistry with a C grade or above.

Students who have taken college level coursework – contact the Admissions Office.

Applicants not meeting thes​e specific requirements are encouraged to talk to a Ridgewater academic advisor. 

Although not an admissions requirement, the College strongly encourages students to spend at least one week in a veterinary environment observing a veterinary technici​an.​

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Admission Criteria for Veterinary Technology​

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.