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Nursing - Associate Degree


IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the significant change in the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program, the last entry of students into the current ADN 64 credit program will be Fall semester 2014 for a planned graduation in May 2015.  Potential students interested in applying to the Ridgewater College Associate Degree Nursing program in the future are directed to Associate Degree And Bachelor Of Science Nursing​ (a baccalaureate program with the AD option for RN licensure).

 About the Program

The Ridgewater College Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program is exciting and challenging, offering graduates employment opportunities in a variety of settings and for a lifelong, personally fulfilling career. Success in the program requires a strong commitment and may pose unique personal as well as academic challenges.

The ADN program prepares graduates to manage and care for groups of patients in complex nursing situations, including acute care, long-term care, and other healthcare settings. Upon completion, graduates receive an Associate in Applied Science Degree and are qualified to take the National Council Licensure Examination for a Registered Nurse.

The ADN program educates students to become Professional Nurses and take the NCLEX-RN exam. This program is intended for students just completing the PN program and practicing LPNs who wish to become RNs. Students completing the PN program may move directly into the ADN program if they meet the criteria for progression. LPNs returning from the workforce to expand their education must submit a new application. The curriculum includes courses in nursing and general education. Upon ADN completion, graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN Licensing Exam and advance to a BSN program, if desired.

Ridgewater is nationally recognized for its outstanding Nursing and Allied Health programs. Utilizing the latest in healthcare simulation technology, Ridgewater’s Simulation Centers provide students hands-on experience with amazingly life-like manikins. Students benefit from improved skill performance, greater learner satisfaction, enhanced critical thinking, and improved self-confidence.

Nursing is a demanding field and admission to any nursing program is a very competitive process. We strongly encourage applicants to prepare well by attending an informational meeting and following up with a pre-nursing advisor to help you with your educational plan and meeting admission requirements. The nursing faculty strongly encourages applicants to talk with nurses in various healthcare settings to learn what nursing careers entail.

NOTE: You must complete these requirements prior to applying for the ADN program. You must earn a “C” grade or better in all courses taken to meet admission criteria. For complete admission details, visit the Ridgewater ADN admission criteria web page.

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.