Scholarship Program

Notifications for Fall Semester 2015 Scholarship awards will be sent out via email between May 8-15.  Applicants should check their emails for scholarship notifications and instructions on accepting scholarships.

The next application session is currently under construction and will open on or about August 24th.​

Please note that our application process is fully online, using the Stars Online scholarship management system, which helps match students to recommended scholarships based on a questionnaire that students answer as part of their online application.  Students should review the "How to Apply" application instructions and FAQs before accessing the Stars Online application on our web site.  Students may want to attend a Scholarship Workshop in February to learn how to apply.   

IMPORTANT:  Students must upload a digital copy of their most recent transcript and at least one letter of recommendation to complete the online application!  Help is available by calling Angie at 320-222-6095.

Some highlights on our scholarship program:
  • More than 150 scholarships are available annually to students enrolled at Ridgewater!
  • Award amounts range from $100 to $3000 per semester
  • We have scholarships based on academics, program area, campus, enrollment status, and more!
  • Applying is easier than ever with Stars Online, which matches students to scholarships based on the information they provide in the application.
  • Check out our Master List of Scholarships, Application Instructions, and updated FAQs for general information about our scholarship process.
  • Each year, Ridgewater students receive more than $250,000 in scholarships from the Foundation and other private sources.
  • Scholarship awards are applied directly to student accounts for payment of tuition and fees.

Feel free to review our "Guidelines for Establishing a Scholarship or Department Fund" document which is provided here to help you understand the process for establishing scholarships with our Foundation. 

For more information about how to apply for scholarships, contact:

Scholarship Coordinator

For information about establishing a new scholarship, contact:

Kelly Magnuson, Executive Director of the Ridgewater College Foundation

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.