​​Explanation of Fees


Part of the cost of attending Ridgewater is what are termed "fees".  Here's a closer look at what each fee is for 2017-2018 and how it's used.

Student Life Fee
($7.65/credit – maximum of $112.50/semester)

For the support of student activities on each campus.  Activities would include areas such as dances, clubs, athletics, intramurals, guest speakers, guest entertainers, etc.

Health Service Fee

Used to provide health and safety information and activities for students.  Also, to provide basic first aid supplies and safety supplies across the campuses.


Minnesota State College Student Association: These fees are collected by the college and sent to the state student association which represents the students in matters related to student rights, legislation, etc.

Technology Fee

Charged by the credit for the purpose of updating and maintaining access to technology.  The college must stay up-to-date in the use of the latest computers, software, networking processes, interactive TV and so on.  Without the technology fee the college would fall behind in its delivery of quality education suitable for students to transfer or seek employment.

Parking Fee
($2.30/credit - maximum of $34.50/semester)

A fee mandated by the Minnesota legislature and designed to provide repair and replacement of parking lots.

Personal Property/Service Charges

Personal property charges shall be for items that become the personal property of the student and have an educational or personal value beyond the classroom.  Service charges shall be for services for, or on the behalf of, the student.

Ridgewater College is an equal opportunity employer and educator.