Upcoming Events

Hutchinson: Art Gallery located adjacent to Commons

Christine Willcox
, from St. Paul, has installed her body of work “90° south”, which depicts imagery from the history of exploring Antarctica. The paintings on paper will be displayed from August 24th to September 25th in Hutchinson, until it moves to the Willmar campus where it closes November 5th. Willcox teaches at Macalester College in the art department. http://www.chriswillcoxart.com/90-South


UMM Morris Professor Emeritus Jennifred Nellis will be exhibiting on the Willmar Campus from August 24th to September 25th. Jenny is a mixed media artist who is showing her recent collage work “Animals without backbones- Spineless”​, and mixed media objects from her “tools” series.  The exhibit will move to the Hutchinson campus and be presented from October 5th to November 5th. 


​Note: Exhibit dates are subject to change within a day or two. For current dates as exhibits near, contact Andrew Nordin at andrew.nordin@ridgewater.edu .


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