​​Liberal Arts and General Education​​​​​

Liberal Arts Info Session 

October 20 – Both Campuses, 10:00 a.m.

Intended Audience:
Potential students in learning the benefits of general education courses and how they can earn the first two years of nearly any four-year degree at Ridgewater or online with Ridgewater.

*Event for participants to explore careers through various interactive, hands-on experiences. Online registration. 

Contact: Sally Kerfeld, 320-222-5977 or
the first two years of virtually any four-year degree major at Ridgewater! Ridgewater is a great place to get started on your college education.

  • QUALITY education
  • SMALL CLASS sizes with personalized attention
  • Liberal arts AA degree is based on completion of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum is GUARANTEED to TRANSFER to any public college or university in Minnesota
  • Students transferring to a PRIVATE COLLEGE typically have a very GOOD credit TRANSFER experience as well
  • Save THOUSANDS of dollars by starting at Ridgewater

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