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Modular education program for Activity Professionals (MEPAP)

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  • MEPAP Class Part 1 and 2  - Click here for MEPAP
  • Activity Assistant Diploma
  • Activity Director AAS Degree

Program Distinctions

• ONLINE LEARNING COMMUNITY engages students for success, with students currently from eight different states plus Canada
• Volunteer experiences, service learning projects, and internships provide opportunities to explore and experience activity programs in various settings.
• MEPAP online classes are NATIONALLY CERTIFIED through national Quality Matters

About the Program

The Activity Director and Activity Assistant program on the Hutchinson Campus of Ridgewater College offers career opportunities to work with the elderly and senior populations. The Activity Director program requires 60 credits to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree. The Activity Assistant diploma program offers 36 credits. Both options are fully online.

Students will learn the skills needed to design, implement and lead activity and leisure programs for the aging population.  Through lectures, lab, hands-on experience and web-enhanced curriculum, students will have opportunities to collaborate and network with working activity professionals.  Participants will also learn skills for managing the activity department, staff, and volunteers. Students will be involved with an internship, volunteer experiences, and community service projects.

Graduates of the Activity Director/Activity Assistant program will gain expertise in:

  • activity planning and delivery
  • care planning/documentation
  • current aging issues
  • managing volunteers
  • computers and other technologies
  • ideas and resources for planning activities
  • cultural diversity
  • activity department management
  • activity calendar planning
  • creative activity ideas
  • leadership skills
  • communication skills
  • and more!

What is an Activity Professional?

Activity professionals plan and coordinate social, physical and cognitive activity programs to enhance and promote quality of life for elderly in long-term care, assisted living, retirement communities, and other aging services. They plan weekly and monthly activity calendars, implement a variety of intervention methods and techniques for working with residents or clients in group activities or in a one-to-one setting.  Activity Professionals are also responsible for calendar planning, coordinating social and special events, and leading various activity groups.

Activity Director:
The Activity Director manages the activity department and program. Duties include supervising and training staff, planning and implementing activity programs and calendars, communicating with department supervisors, and maintaining records and policies. Some positions may also include volunteer management.

Activity Assistant:
Activity Assistants plan and carry out the daily activity program. The assistant leads large and small groups, works one-on-one with residents/clients, and plans specialized activities for special populations. The Activity Assistant works closely with the Activity Director in the daily operation of the activity program.

Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals (MEPAP) Training
What is MEPAP?
MEPAP is the accepted curriculum adopted by the National Certification Council of Activity Professionals and is a required component in becoming nationally certified.  The curriculum is designed to meet the changing healthcare and aging services industry need and prepare activity professionals in the design and delivery of quality, meaningful activity programs.  The MEPAP 2nd edition consists of 20 core content areas that are taught in the Basic Activity Class MEPAP Part 1 (4 credits) and the Activity Management Class Part 2 (4 credits).  Both classes are required for director level certification.  The MEPAP classes offered by Ridgewater College are online and preapproved by NCCAP (25126-16-M2-NT).  Taught by an instructor with over 27 years experience as activity director, activity consultant and activity educator, students will gain valuable insight and personalized instruction in the real world of activity services.

The MEPAP Part 1 and Part 2 classes are designed to meet the needs of those primarily working towards NCCAP certification and do not wish to pursue the degree or diploma options.

MEPAP Program Info

MEPAP Part 1 Basic Activity Class, 4 credits
MEPAP Part 2 Activity Management Class , 4 credits

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