Electronics Technology / wireless Communications

About the Program

If you look at the high-tech, sophisticated world of electronics all around you, you will know that the 21st Century will be the century of electronics. You can have a career you can be proud of in one of two exciting areas:

  • Electronics Technician
  • Wireless Communications

Each of the programs requires a minimum of 18 months to complete. Each semester consists of approximately 18 credits of course work. Most of the courses consist of lecture with an emphasis on hands-on lab time. All students take the same courses for two semesters and then decide which of the two Electronics programs they prefer.

This program gives students a broad base including digital electronics, microprocessors, computer repair, computer networks, radio and video systems, robotics, programmable logic controllers and associated sensors and security systems.

Students are encouraged to pursue nationally recognized certifications including Cisco’s CCNA, the Computer Technology Industry Association A+, Certified Electronics Technician, and IPC certification.

Check out the test flight of this Quad Copter created by Ridgewater Electronics students!

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